Seeing Stars

Perhaps one of the greatest missed opportunities when visiting Ireland is not looking up at the night sky. Of course if you spend all of your vacation in the cities and towns you really won’t get the chance to see the full spectacular of the celestial night.

At I Dream of Ireland we are big believers in introducing you to some ideas that you might not have thought of doing while planning your perfect vacation.

  1.  Dark Skies             Milky Way, Astro, Starry Sky, Star“The Natural night sky is our common and universal heritage” – International Dark Sky Association.

If you live in a major city or anywhere that light pollution has robbed you of the wonder of a night sky it might be time to reconnect with the awe inspiring night sky. On the 5th of May 2016 Ballycroy National park Co. Mayo became Irelands first Gold Tier Dark Sky Park as recognized by the IDSA. Located in Located in rugged, scenic northwest Mayo its should be on any visitors short list.


  1. Eye on the Sky

Cork is never far from the top of the list when visiting Ireland, and rightly so. If you find yourself Cork it is worth your time thinking about the nightlife above our heads and where better to explore than at the beautiful Blackrock observatory

A journey of exploration is an interactive experience that brings the visitor into the castles past – it dates back to 1589 and the journey tells the stories of smugglers and pirates as well as merchant traders that called in down through the centuries.


  1. Northern LightsAurora, Borealis, Northern, Lights

Donegal has got it all, unbelievable scenery, great people, wild adventures and of course the famous northern lights. Otherwise known as Aurora Borealis the phenomenon that captivates the imagination can be seen from Donegal – it is a good idea to check out or to see if you are lucky enough to plan your trip around this universal spectacular.


  1. Stars from the SouthThe Northern Lights, Aurora, Denmark

Kerry is known as the Kingdom and it has won over the hearts of many visitors. It is worth while noting that along with Mayo, Kerry has been recognized as an International Dark Sky Reserve meaning that light pollution has not ruined ones chance to experience the stars in all their natural wonder. For more information on what to do and who to see check out



  1. Armagh Observatory.Human, Lovers, Night Sky, Starry Sky

If you find yourself in Northern Ireland why not pay a visit to Armagh Planetarium – as stated on their website “our aim is to demonstrate to our visitors the amazing objects that exist in our cosmos, but to do it in such a way as not to see our efforts as formal teachings” If you are interested in learning more about the world above us from the experts around us – stop by and soak up the knowledge.