It’s finally here sunshine and 60 degree weather, even I, the eternal optimist knows that it won’t last so I am going to enjoy as much as I can. One of the greatest things you can get is a true Irish sunny day – it stretches on and on. Everybody is happy like they have just emerged from hibernation “great day isn’t it” can be heard all over the place mainly followed be “sure it won’t last” but it’s better to ignore that part and enjoy the moment.

Ireland, Galway, Dunguaire, Castle, Sea

So that begs the question what to do when the sun is out in Ireland – it would actually be easier to answer what not to do but that’s cheating.

  1. Get out and explore – personally I would find the nearest mountain range/lake/ocean and get going. Don’t spend so long getting there that you have missed half the day in the car, get out get moving.http://www.irishtrails.ieIreland, Forest, Nature, Green, Irish
  2. Get a 99 – they are delicious and not to be missed on a sunny day in Ireland, basically a giant Mr. Whippy with a chocolate flake stuck in for good measure – they are in every small shop in Ireland so look for a big plastic display cone outside and on you go.Ice Cream Cone, Melting, Hot
  3. Start early and finish late – it gets bright really early in the summer months and gets dark really late so you can fit in a lot on a sunny Irish day.Sunset, Black, Blue, Sun, Silhouette
  4. Find a pub with a nice outdoor area and grab a beer – pint glass of cider with ice is a great thirst quencher on a sunny dayPub, Irish Pub, Irish, Billboard
  5. Catch a local club game – there are Gaelic games going on around the country, mostly played around 7 in the evening both hurling and football, well worth checking out.Hurling, Sideline Cut, Gaa, Sport, Game
  6. Check out some fantastic estates and gardens – there are so many throughout the country and they are not to be missed on your visit here.Castle, Blarney, Ireland, Stone, Irish
  7. Find a show to go to – there is always a festival or show going on during the summer months, it really doesn’t matter what part of the country you are in you will find something to do. Arts, Music, Food, Film, Sports there is even a Scarecrow festival.Violin, Artist, Solistin, Instrument
  8. Take a long walk along one of the many scenic waterways that Ireland has to offer – great way to reconnect and there is nearly always a pub along the way.                                                                                                                 River, Scenery, Ireland, Glendalough
  9. Go horse racing and try to take some cash from the bookies – it’s a great day out, a national pastime- who knows you might get lucky………..             Horses, Bet, Horseracing, Grunge, Animal